Senior Portraits.

Senior Portraits 2020

We do Senior Portraits differently. The first big difference is we shoot a LOT.
It’s not like the old days when the photographer took two rolls of film and you chose from 74 proofs. We take about 1500 pics per shoot.

That means we can take more risks, we can encourage people to have more fun. We get more candid, random and action shots. We definitely get more natural looks.
We also shoot the traditional, posed stuff….but we fill out our shoots with variety, we capture more of the real person.

Another difference…in the old days the photographer showed you the unretouched images, and then you paid them MORE MONEY to get prints of the ones you want. We have a promised number of edited images….you get those, EDITED, in full resolution with a complete release, as digital files and you can print or not print or use them any way you want.

They’re yours.

In the traditional system (and unfortunately with some photographers even today,) even though you paid them to take your pictures, they still OWN them, they hold onto them, and you have to keep paying them more money every time you want something.

With us, the images are DONE…they’re yours and you can print them and share them to your heart’s content. We actually INVENTED this style of photography 21 years ago, in 1998.

We shoot outdoors. (we also shoot indoors in special circumstances, like for sports or performances) But we shoot primarily outdoors for a few reasons, not the least of which, portraits are better with long lenses.

We can also get a much greater variety of looks, light, scene and action shooting outdoors. NOT keeping an indoor studio is also a way we keep our prices down.
We shoot on location. We recommend our locations for very important reasons that quite honestly many of today’s photographers don’t understand. The biggie, is LIGHT. We want a very specific kind of SHAPE to the environment, to give us the best shot at incredible light.

Beyond that, we choose locations for being very DIFFERENT from our main locations. For example:

Saugatuck Dunes

South Haven

The Ledges at Grand Ledge

Kellogg Forest

Downtown Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo

We’re also always on the lookout for NEW locations that meet our requirements for light and uniqueness.

We offer some shoots that are truly different:

The Creek


Sunrise in the Water

…and we’ll absolutely shoot your sport or activity.

We do some of our best work when we’re challenged

We get some of our best pictures when you do your favorite thing

And we’re literally the only choice for some things, simply because we can and will go anywhere, and take any kind of shot.

This is how our system works. We have just ONE COST. Nothing is hidden, and you get your products as large files on disk with a release.
All of our regular packages are shot in the Battle Creek, Kalamazoo area.

Some people choose ONE SHOOT, 20 edited images, for $175. We call this the “20”
Some people choose TWO SHOOTS, 50 edited images, for $275. We call this the “50”
Some people choose to ADD 25 edited images to the “50” for a total of $325. We call this the “75” from ANY shoot, you can add an out of town shoot, a la carte. Each shoot adds 25 edited images.

You can add Saugatuck Dunes at sunset for $150

You can add South Haven or Grand Ledge for $100

AND, we will absolutely consider any original destination or idea that you have….challenge us!

Another way that we standout from everyone else…..our turnaround time is THREE DAYS. What that means, is that you can schedule your pickup for as soon as THREE DAYS after your shoot (or last shoot) We don’t take weeks. You can get your pictures back pretty much as quickly as you want.

When should you shoot? The most popular months are June, August and October. October is INSANE because we will fill every nice day with families wanting to do fall colors. We even do quite a few in winter.

We don’t require a deposit for Senior Portraits EXCEPT:

If you want Fall Colors, it’s recommended you put down $50 to hold a date. That ensures you FIRST RESCHEDULE should we get bad weather….and October can be a challenge.


We do require a deposit of $50 to schedule any OUT OF TOWN shoot. That’s our only non-refundable deposit, and the reason for that, we have to block off not just the shoot time, but the travel time, and cancelations are very expensive for our small business. (we do help you reschedule in pretty much all cases)

And just a few more things we do:
Wallets Files


You can shoot with your family, your best friend, your significant other or your pet…..the people and things that are important to you, THAT’S what we want to see…

Extras…..we don’t delete ANY good, unique pictures. If you sign up for the “50” you will have at least 50 edited images. But we may capture 80 or a 100 good pics, and many of those will be candids or action or personality shots that we just can’t throw away….we just give you those, unedited, for free.

Our goal is to give you more than most people expect. More pictures, more variety, more style, more flexibility….and we’ll go places and take pictures other photographers just can’t.

We’ve been doing Senior Portraits for 20 years…and a lot of the modern ways of doing things, started with us.

We have this down 😉