A history of cameras…

This week was a rare, landmark point in the history of camera tech.

After decades of being the king of cameras, SLR technology got knocked off of it’s throne, and barring some kind of miracle,  that’s gonna be permanent.

It was always just a matter of time, a camera with a moving mirror, that alternately blocks either your view or your autofocus, was ALWAYS a temporary design, and getting that mirror out of the way was always the goal…even if Canon and Nikon pretended for years like it wasn’t true.

It’s impossible to foresee a reason (besides nostalgia) to go backward to including the mirror, so it’s fair to say, that while DSLRs will be around for a while, their time at the TOP is over.

Enter the Sony a9.





Packing so much tech, the details will have to be saved for another entry.
(but pssssst….20 frames per second, silently, with AF tracking and no blackout…seriously)

And for a fun history of the cameras I’ve used (just the primaries, I left out some scraps) and my own sense of their relative value as a creative tool, I give you this: