Breaking down the photo…

Seven things I did to make this image work

  1. Instead of chasing the bees, I watched where they went, and chose my flower for light and composition…then waited.
  2. I picked a flower in the sun, but with a background in the shade, so it would pop.
  3. I removed one stem of the flower, because groups of 3 are stronger.
  4. I created my composition using the bokeh to frame my subject.
  5. I composed for the bee to be high in the frame, to magnify the sense of flight.
  6. I picked a shutter speed that would freeze the bee, but not quite the wings (2000) an aperture that would give me lovely bokeh but get the whole subject in focus (f4) then used my ISO to determine exposure.
  7. I didn’t rest after getting the first good shot…I stayed there a long time and took hundreds.

the bee

sony a57, 70-200f2.8