Breaking down the photo…

Seven things I did, that made this image work.

  1. I shot at night.  Actually, it was very early morning, there was light, but not much.  I’m not faking the shot, you’re seeing what I took, essentially straight from the camera.
  2. I shifted my white balance to give everything a ‘midnight’ color tone.  A great thing about how white balance works, the fog lights were orange, so they remained relatively un-affected by the compensation.  That’s why they POP.
  3. I timed my shot to get three subjects.   Groups of three are more interesting.
  4. I found a stretch of road with personality, and used a long lens, the compression magnified the road’s quirks.
  5. I cranked the car sideways across the road, to give it some “I don’t care.”
  6. I put the subject within the subject (the driver) at the two thirds mark.
  7. And…….I created a composition with an aspect ratio WIDER than 3:2

sony a58, tamron 70-200f2.8