The Eyebrow Peak, a Lesson in Composition

First of all, not all of use are lucky enough to have one, lol…..some of us have straight brows, rounded brows, thin brows……

But a lot of us DO have a peak to the brow, and I can’t help but notice that many of us don’t know what to do with it.
Here’s a couple things you should know…first, eyebrow SHAPE is trendy. The trends keep changing and a lot of us follow the trends and I’m going to be blunt, that’s a reallllly bad idea.
Everyone’s face shape is different, so it should be obvious to us that no ONE eyebrow shape, no matter how trendy, will be the best choice for all of us.
And two, trends or not, a lot of women OBSESS over their eyebrows to the point that they’re not doing themselves any favors. Your natural brow shape is actually what’s most likely to be best for your face…and while minor grooming and minor changes might help, MAJOR changes just create a distraction from the more important parts of your face…..

…because in the end, compositionally, your eybrows just do TWO THINGS, and neither one is about being the “star.”

On your face the EYES are the star…..your lips are a star. Your cheekbones and eyebrows and nose and jawline are ACCENTS that frame and shape and POINT at the stars. If you get carried away and make any of the accents into STARS you’ve gone too far. You’re working against yourself.

That’s why making your eyebrows wider or taller than they actually are is usually a mistake. Making them darker than they actually are is often a mistake. Making them really thin, or carving them until they look like a sculpture, those are usually mistakes. Eyebrows should not be the center of attention…..but it’s one of the things on a face that women can play with endlessly, so it can be hard to resist the temptation.
But let’s say we want to make some MILD, RESTRAINED, CONSERVATIVE changes to our eyebrow shape so that they do their job even better….it’s good to know the two mechanical things that our eyebrows actually DO in the composition of our face, to make our face even more attractive…and yep, both things have to do with the REAL stars of our face, the eyes and the mouth.
The first thing they do is frame your eyes. Framing is a powerful compositional tool for drawing and focusing attention. But it’s a balancing act….you want the brows to frame but not distract, which is why you don’t want to ADD brow to the end and you don’t want to draw them up higher on the forehead. They gently shape around the top of the eye…..and this is important, there is a BOTTOM piece of framing….it’s the shadow created by the eyeball that some women panic and try to cover with silver under-eye makeup. Noooo. That shape is supposed to be there, without it your eye has no lower frame.
The second thing your eyebrow does….compositionally…and this surprises most people…it POINTS AT YOUR MOUTH! They do this by lining up, roughly, with your eyes and forming a TRIANGLE with your lips as the bottom point. And this is where that ARCH comes in handy.

On some of the most beautiful faces in the world, you have a little bit of an arch, and it’s slightly to the outside of the center of the eye, so that when you draw a line from that arch, through the eye, that line points at your lips.


If you understand that simple mechanical device, it actually becomes kind of obvious that you don’t want to MOVE that arch to the inside, or too far to the outside….it has a job to do, and there is a best place for it. You also don’t want to ROUND that arch if you’re lucky enough to have a sharp one!

When I see beautiful brows, what stands out the most for me, is how they haven’t been messed with too much…..and how they do their jobs, not fight for attention. It’s hard not to obsess over brows, but in the end, you’re best off leaving them mostly alone, and just doing minor grooming and minor adjustments.

So your eyes and lips can own the face.

But math and strategies aside, if you DON’T have an arch, don’t panic….one of the more fascinating things about beauty, is you can NATURALLY break all the rules and still come out gorgeous….some of the most unusual faces somehow manage to be absolutely striking. My best advice, though, is that if face DOES follow the rules, don’t mess it up!

(bonus tip, practice smiling with your eyes)