Wide aspect ratio is my thing.

The combination of the human eye and human brain, see things very horizontally.   One of the ways our images and art shortchange their own potential, is in being too narrow.

Social media can be very frustrating when it comes to this, and knowing that people are most often looking at my images on phones doesn’t help much either.

But given perfect conditions….most often…I’ll choose extremely wide aspect ratios.  The standard photograph is usually 3:2

But there is a reason our movies are wider….most often 16:9

….it takes advantage of more of our natural vision.  And if you press, if you get out there even wider, you can create a sense of SPECTACLE.  That’s where I like to live, out at 2.5:1 and even wider

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  1. 2.5:1 is nearly the aspect ratio of Facebook cover photos. I have a preset crop in Lr to see if the photo looks better at that size and it often cuts a lot of unnecessary foreground and background “stuff” if I haven’t been able to fill the frame in camera. I shoot at 3:2, but could probably often do with 16:9.

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