…that’s not what her photography professor says…

One of my favorite conversations with another photographer, out in the field, she wandered up and started following me around while I shot flowers.

Her “You should use a tripod, my photographer professor said you should always use a tripod unless its just not possible.”

Me “Actually, my philosophy has always been that I don’t use a tripod except when the shutter speed requires it, the rest of the time it anchors you to only one angle of view.”

Her “Well, that’s not what my photography professor says. Are you shooting RAW? My photography professor says you should always shoot RAW.”

Me “Actually, I’ve side by sided end results, and since I don’t have problems with exposure or white balance, RAW doesn’t give me any advantages, just makes bigger files and slower processing.”

Her “Well, that’s not what my professor says. You’re not shooting Nikon? My professor says if you’re serious you should shoot Nikon or Canon, but preferably Nikon.”

Me “Actually, I much prefer a true live view camera, it lets you see the effect of your settings decisions in real time, and neither Canon or even Nikon makes a camera like that.”

Her “Hmmmm, that’s not what my photography professor says. You should get in the sun, my photography professor says the first rule is to get the most available light in any situation.”

Me “Actually, I prefer the soft light of the shade, no harsh shadows, no blown out colors”

Her “Ahh, you know that’s not what my photography professor says. Then you should use your flash. My photography professor says you should use your flash in all but the brightest light for sharper pictures and even lighting.”

Me “Actually, I prefer the natural lighting, I find the flash makes everything look flat and artificial.”

Her “Oh, well my photography professor never said that. Maybe you should think about taking a class!”



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