…shooting wildlife, shoot NOW.

One of the tricks to shooting wildlife, is to start shooting immediately.

This is a baby Robin in an abandoned factory.  With wildlife, you never know how long they’ll linger.  Shoot immediately….

Sometimes I even take the first shot before I adjust my settings, on the theory that it’s better to get SOME picture, even if I have to dramatically edit the image, than NO picture.

…and I keep on shooting as I move in closer.  This time the Robin let me get pretty darned close.

Every year, the Momma Robins think they’re quiet clever, building their nests INSIDE this abandoned factory.  But every year, some of the babies can’t find their way out.

I get yelled at by Momma, but I rustle up the babes and get them out the window.

All shots with the Sony a6000, Sigma 30mm f1.4
straight from the camera.