Breaking down the shot….

Eight things that make this shot work…

  1. It’s not one shot.  I shot 5 vertical frames and stitched, giving myself a slightly wider aspect ratio, and letting me get closer to the subject.
  2. I used VERY dramatic black white, taking full advantage of all the wonderful geometry.
  3. I used the shadows to frame Marlette in several different ways.
  4. I had her sit with her feet and knees apart…while this is rather un-ladylike, the confidence to sit this way makes the character stronger.  It also feels slightly “naughty”.
  5. She occupies her entire space, demonstrating control.  And her hands on the rails are relaxed…this is a power position but the relaxed hands show that power comes easily to her.
  6. I made sure I had strong diagonals.  The repeating patterns strengthen the composition.
  7. She’s at the two-thirds point.
  8. Having her close her eyes puts her into her own world, the photographer ceases to be there.

Sony a6000, Sigma 30mm f1.4
native monochrome



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