Cinematography master class….

Photographers should treat themselves to the masterful photography, design and lightcraft of the film:

A Cure for Wellness.

Cinematographer Bojan Bazelli and director Gore Verbinski are clearly paying tribute to the style and attention to detail of Stanley Kubrick with their new movie.

It’s worth watching for the fabulous symmetry, one-point perspective and incredible compositions.

My only disappointment is in their choice of aspect ratio….the film would have been even better, WIDER.  At 1.66:1 it’s beautiful, at 2.4:1 it would have been magnificent. Although I understand their reasoning….their interior location had enormously high ceilings and they wanted to be able to take advantage of the room framing. That meant that not even the normal 1.85:1 would work, they had to go taller.

I can’t sell you on the story, dialog or performances.  I thought all were very good, but those are more personal, subjective things.  The technical skill and artistry of the photography and design, however, is inarguably astounding.  My current front runner for Best Cinematography, 2017.  (although they’ll have to claw and fight past Blade Runner this fall)