Commercial photography….

Nine quick tips on shooting advertising/marketing pics for businesses.

You pretty much ALWAYS have to compose with negative space.

…give yourself or the designer room to add content.

Consider shooting wide.

Today’s full page websites often use wide format images, plus, it gives the designer the flexibility to use one image for several applications by cropping.

When you compose your shot, consider the potential for adding elements later, that contribute to the composition.   For instance use TWO elements instead of three, so that a logo or type could act as the third element.

Try to subtly include logos and products, almost subliminally.

Know the goal of the marketing.  A beautiful image is less useful if it doesn’t fit the objectives.

Technically perfect trumps creativity.  Creativity is great, but getting a technically perfect image within the goals of the marketing plan is crucial.  Good composition, light, color……and it needs to be SHARP.  The file quality has be usable for almost any application, including the most demanding like a large print viewed at a close range.

Your goal is always to make the product look even better than it really is. Photography and design and concept can’t be the weak links.

Give your customer colors they can work with.