You see a lot of learning photographers in forums asking “which setting should I use for….”

I’m not here to tell you NOT to ask for advice, but I’m going to give you a two-part piece of advice that works for every single one of those questions, and is far more valuable than any ONE answer.

Test it side by side.
Practice ahead of time.

“Which aperture is best for….?”
“Go shoot several, and compare.”

“What is the highest ISO I should use on my camera?
“Shoot the same scene at several ISOs and compare.”

Most of the “which settings” questions you’ll be tempted to ask, you can not only answer yourself, you learn more by doing it.

And as a BONUS…..when you can, when time allows, shoot things MORE THAN ONE WAY.  So even if you think you already know the best choice, you’ve given yourself some options for when you open up the images on the computer later.  I learn from that every single time.

The Breakfast, getting everything in focus, f5.6


…..and for more focus on my new Asiago Cheese Soft Roll, with Egg and Pepperjack


Then I can decide later:  Is this a photo of a breakfast, or a picture of my new sandwich with supporting players?

Sony a6000, Sigma 30mm f1.4, natural light, no editing
ISO 400

…..and here’s a “Making Of” shot: