Clever little trick….

…one of the better techniques to learn, is getting down LOW, so you can get more distance behind your subject.  These clover blossoms sit right down on the ground, and it can be hard (or impossible) to get any kind of angle on ’em, other than shooting DOWN (uggghh)

We all know what the shooting down pics look like:


One thing I do, to give my subject the isolation it deserves, and to give ME more options for backgrounds and compositions, is pick my subject UP….and one clever little way to do that, is with a “lifter.”

Here’s that clover shot again:

..I have the subject up, off the ground and I’ve strategically moved it around until I found not only a good background and light, but I’ve created a little bit of a frame with these tree leaves.

This is what my lifter looks like….it’s custom made to break down into three pieces so it fits in my backpack…..and you can make one, easily, for less than $10.  (you can also buy things that are similar)

….that alligator clip at the end is important.  With my version, I can either hold it in my hand like a selfie stick, or I can jam it in the ground.

That’s SUPER handy when I want to shoot with my longer lenses.

The “lifter” lets me do this:

…so I can GET this:

And it lets me take this:

…and isolate one stem and move it around looking for a composition, like this:


In the above example, I can even SEE my bokeh and light effects, I’m looking through the camera as I move my subject….if you have a mirrorless camera this even works when you stop your aperture down.

I often even dial my shutter speed with my thumb while I move the subject around against changing backgrounds and in changing light.  Since my camera is true live view, the whole process of changing backgrounds, composition, light and exposure is fluid.


Inexpensive, and make it any way you want it.  But if you make it small and easy to carry, you’ll have it with you more often 😉

All images essentially straight from the camera, sony a6000