The DSLR era is over.


…..are about to change. But it’s more of a “philosophical” change than a practical one.

Since we started One on One Classes (and we’ve done more than 600 in three years) we’ve worked EQUALLY with whatever camera someone brings to class.

For a very long time, we’ve recommended LIVE VIEW cameras to pretty much every type of photographer, but most people who come to One on One Classes already have DSLRs (which are not live view cameras, even if they have a “live view mode”)… we’ve tried to stay up to date on all cameras, to better answer questions and work out problems.

We’re dumping DSLRs, finally, altogether. You can absolutely take a photography class with your DSLR, but we’re done trying to stay “current” on, what we have to say, are now absolutely, outdated cameras.

We photographers love our cameras, so for some of us, this will sting a little….but the technology that made SLR so very very important for 40 years….started becoming unimportant when cameras went digital….and over the last 10 years while SLR became less and less important, it also became more and more of a design FLAW.

The only thing that makes an SLR an SLR, is a moving mirror. And that moving mirror is…


It blocks the camera from some the best, most useful, most exciting features we’ve ever put in cameras. That makes SLR not just outdated, but a design FLAW.

I’m not trying to talk anyone out of their camera….I’m just explaining why it’s finally come time to quit supporting SLR as a current camera design. There are better options, and most importantly, those better options make LEARNING PHOTOGRAPHY and learning to be CREATIVE much easier………much faster.

If you want to take a class and focus on theory, composition, light……all the great creative parts of photography, this won’t effect you in any way. If you want to learn how to shoot your SPECIFIC camera, and it’s a DSLR, it will effect you a little.

But the reason we’re making this (kind of ceremonial) announcement, is I think it’s just time….time to finally say…

The DSLR era is over.

For almost any shooter, you can learn faster, be more creative, shoot more fluidly with less distractions, if you get rid of the moving mirror 😉