Our Fine Art Nude Series….

….I get asked about the fine art galleries every day.  It’s actually very hard to find a good solution for sharing those online, but after a couple of years of playing with the idea, we finally settled on Patreon.


Patreon first of all, has an attractive, clean interface that makes it easy for me to share all kinds of content.  And we have all kinds in the works…not just photography, but short films and stories and more.

The other great thing about Patreon, is it lets me make a “tiered” system, where I can offer a lot of content to EVERYONE, and then some of the more developed (and costly to develop) art to a tier of Patrons.   What excited me the most, was how I could create such an incredibly low threshold for that….you can become of Patron of our projects for as little as ONE DOLLAR a month.

To do some of the complex projects we already have lined up, we do need some support.  And we’re looking forward to paying our models and collaborators this year, something we’ve always wanted to do.

Come follow us on Patreon……if you’re not over there yet, you’re already missing stuff!