About that Photography Group….

Photography………….Theory, Technique & Technology  (the FB group)

There are THOUSANDS of photography groups on Facebook….why make a new one?

The idea behind “Photography: Theory, Technique and Technology is unique. We’re building something. There is an end-goal, even if there is no planned end.
If we do it right, at any point, you could join PT3 and scroll down the page, and everything you encounter would be valuable.

No filler. No empty posts.
We want CONTENT. We want to find the best questions in photography and discuss them. We want to archive the best advice, the best tricks, the best concepts…

…all in one place.
…with no filler.

Continuous un-interupted GOOD STUFF.
That’s why we have rules other groups don’t have….for instance, we can’t do “simple shares.” A simple share is when you post a picture just to have people like it….even if you’re asking for criticism, it’s a simple share.

On the other hand, if you post a picture and start a conversation with it about a SPECIFIC SUBJECT, that’s different. And that’s EXACTLY our goal. TOPICS.
Things you CAN do:

Post comparisons…we LOVE those.

Post questions…..we LOVE those too.
Instigate a debate……we’re good with that.

In fact, if things go to plan, at some point down the road, we should be able to scroll down the page and find the BEST QUESTIONS in PHOTOGRAPHY, all in one place.

We might even write a book.
The rules may seem intimidating…they may feel restrictive…..but we have a GOAL. This is your chance to add to what WILL BE……………..the best photography group on Facebook.


There are a few other reasons for the existence of this group.

I use it as a testing ground for ideas for books

The Mountain and the Pebble

Blogs (you’re reading it 🙂 )

and research

Photographer Survey

Because ultimately I’m in the business of dissembling photography and putting it back together in a way that makes more sense, and is easier to learn. A way that lets us get better than we otherwise could have been.

I’m also a photographer.…..and I’d LOVE to have you along on our new Patreon page, though note that it IS a fine art page and NSFW:

Dave Melges on Patreon