Meet the Panasonic FZ1000

In just my opinion, the vast majority of people in a huge hurry to get to interchangeable lens, system cameras, would be happier with an excellent, 1″ sensor, all-in-one camera like the Panasonic FZ1000 or the Sony RX10.

The Pany FZ1000:

Like any choice, the all-one-camera has limitations, we’ll mention those first.   To get the incredibly versatile lens, you have to start with a smaller sensor, and that gives us two limitations:

You will struggle a little in low light, and you’ll have to work a little harder to get out of focus backgrounds.

BUT…the Panasonic FZ1000 can function very well at ISO 1000 and the RX10 can do a very solid ISO 1600.  The low light limitation is real, but you can work around it.

AND, while you do have to work harder to get your out of focus backgrounds, with a little practice, you can still do an exceptional job isolating your subject against a beautifully smooth backdrop:

Taken with the FZ1000:

And…………………that’s it for the serious limitations.  You can’t change lenses, so you’re stuck with the true wide angle to extreme long telephoto 24-400mm f2.8-4 lens.  That’s NOT a hardship.  That means you can shoot this:

…and then 4 seconds later shoot this:

…you can’t put a dedicated macro lens on it (although you can get a nice accessory lens) but you can focus SO close to objects that you can do this:

….then walk outside and use your 400mm equivalent lens to do this:

The image quality of a camera is directly related to the size of it’s sensor…so an aps-c sensor is not as good as a full frame, a micro four thirds is not quite as good as an aps-c and the 1″ sensor in the Panasonic or Sony all-in-one is not quite as good as a micro four thirds.  This is a REAL WORLD limitation….

…but the question is, how often do you SEE or are you bothered by the difference?  This was taken with the FZ1000:

..and so was this:

….and this:

…and this:

..and even this:

This was taken with the Sony RX10:

Which brings up the question………..which one?  In my opinion, the RX10 is a better camera.  A little better image quality, a better control system, better build…..but the reason I recommend the FZ1000 more often, is it’s more VERSATILE by virtue of it’s 400mm lens (the RX10 mark 1 tops out at 200mm…..the RX10 mark 4 is better than all of them, but very expensive)

The FZ1000 focuses fast, shoots fast, and takes great 4k video.  It’s truly an all-in-one solution, if you understand it’s limitations.  It also make a GREAT complimentary camera to a more advanced SYSTEM CAMERA.  For example, I carry a Sony a6000 with one prime lens on it, and then use the FZ1000 as my wide angle and long telephoto options.

This is me, holding the Sony a6000 with a 30mm f1.4 prime on it….taken with the FZ1000:

I feel like the FZ1000 is just a tad bulky (you pack so much lens into that package)

…but when you can do THIS:

…at 25mm wide angle, then immediately do this:

…at 400mm super-telephoto….you just have an incredibly flexible tool.

When you can do this:

…from 6 inches away, and then immediately do this:

..from 150 feet.

When you can shoot action:

…or portraits

…or nature

….or even selfies


….all with ONE CAMERA, ONE LENS.
that’s pretty powerful.

You can find it on Amazon:

Panasonic FZ1000

ALSO!!!! I’ve added a final gallery of fz1000 pics: