Constellation framing…

As a tool of composition, we all know what a frame is….some kind of an element in an image that contains our subject, pushes attention to it.

Sometimes these are physical and obvious…

…sometimes they’re subtle, in the background:

..sometimes they’re subtle and in the foreground:

…a vignette can be a frame:

…they can be odd shapes:

…they can be clever:

…they can appear to be the subject itself:

…they can even work in 3 dimensions, when objects in front and behind the subject frame it in space:

Even the border of the image itself is a frame, but it takes a unique kind of image for us to really notice…

We all know what a normal frame is

But here’s one most of us don’t recognize…I call it the “Constellation Frame” or the “Cloud Frame.”

It’s formed by an irregular set of points or shapes…they usually don’t exist in the same plane:

The separate points work together to “assemble” into a loose, subtle frame around the subject.

One of my favorite ways to add a Constellation Frame, is to randomly brighten or highlight points, scattered around the subject..


…points I’ll be brightening, and adding saturation:

Finished product, “Constellation Framing.”