Shooting sexy, it’s what we do.

The Grafika Page….What we do.


…we are a FULL TIME, professional photography business, and this half of the business is all about sexy.

Most of our shoots are surprisingly affordable, most take about an hour, and most of our shoots give you 20 edited images on a disk, with a release, so you can print or not print or use or share them any way you want.

This is how we changed things…..shooting sexy for the girl next door pretty much didn’t exist 20 years ago. A very small number of people did what are called “boudoir” shoots, but those are traditionally more about costume, hair, makeup and props…..they tend to be pretty….what we DIDN’T see much of until about 12 years ago, was………..


It was off limits. Good girls don’t do sexy. It was taboo, nice girls don’t do sexy. It was risky….

I told a couple of portrait photographer friends in 2005 that I was going to make a business out of shooting sexy. Not models. Real women.

Moms, nurses, teachers, cab drivers, lawyers……real women, doing SEXY. Either for their partner, or heck, JUST FOR THEMSELVES.

I was told I was crazy. I was told it would never, ever work. “Normal” women don’t do sexy, they said.

Over the course of the next 18 months I photographed more than EIGHT HUNDRED “normal” women being SEXY. After the first few survived the experience, and started talking about it, the flood gates opened and I started shooting everyone.

Not models. Not just size zeros. Not just young people. I would show ANYONE they could be sexy.

And it was OK!

Boyfriends and husbands were supportive. Relatives and co-workers helped motivate. Women decided to get a little outside their comfort zone and do something SEXY.

Today, I do about 300 SEXY shoots a year. Some people prefer to do more “beautiful.” Some prefer to focus on “cute.” But to some degree or another, hundreds of “normal” women, every year, rediscover that…


We can make a shoot tailored to anyone, but here’s a few things we offer on a regular basis:

Sunrise in the Water

Huge Sweaters


The Forest

Smoke and Oil







The Wall of Shadows


South Haven

Saugatuck Dunes

Country Touring







and even Bound.


Our shoots range from purely cute and fun, to dark and slightly dangerous.  People wear everything from wedding dresses to nothing at all.  Every shoot is ENTIRELY about you.

Turnaround for most shoots is TWO DAYS. That means you can have your edited images back, on disk, in just two days. There are NO hidden fees, every shoot is just one cost.

Because we shoot sexy, we never………..ever………..share your pictures without your permission, given ONE image at a time. You are always in total control of your own images…..and we’re EXPERTS at minimalist, anonymous, mysterious and the art of almost showing you what you THINK you see.

(and when we want to demonstrate something new, we grab one of our stunt doubles to do the hard part 🙂

The ONLY way to schedule is through Facebook messaging. And this is important:

Just do it. Every year we have THOUSANDS of women contact us and say “I want to do a sexy shoot.” And sadly, they don’t. Most don’t. So many want to, but they never get over the hump of making the appointment. If this is something you want to do, DO IT. Pick a day and time, say “this is what I want to do (damnit)” and…


I promise you, it’s easier than you think…it’s more fun than you realize, and you’ll love you a little more 😉