Everything tshirt in one handy place.

We started the ambitious project of designing at least one, interesting, official tshirt for every project, series and shoot that we do….plus some stuff just for photographers and some stuff just for FUN.

Now we have to put them all in one spot……….here.

The (now) legendary, “the Dave Effect”

And you can find that on Amazon, right HERE

The “GOOSEBUMPS ARE SEXY” (because yes, they are) Hoodie

Just click on THIS

The “YES, THEY’RE PERFECT” tshirt….

Click on THIS

The “ASYLUM” official version one

To find the ASYLUM shirt on AMAZON, go HERE


…is also available from Amazon, HERE

The official “I SURVIVED SNO.KINI” shirt

find that HERE

For photographers, the “F1.4”

Follow this LINK

My new favorite photography shirt “COMPOSITION”

Go HERE for that

For our special project, HUNDR, here’s the official HOODIE

…..on AMAZON

And we’re hard at work on designs for the rest of our cool projects…..